China's Spirit Music Ensemble

I'm another title

I'm a title

2012 China's Spirit Music Ensemble production...

"Butterfly Lovers - A Musical Impression on Modern China"


《梁祝》 "Butterfly Lover's" - Guzheng Concerto 

何占豪与陳鋼作曲(1959), 古箏協奏黃凱筠改編

(2011)。Composition by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang (1959).  Guzheng Concerto Arrg. by Winnie Wong

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《香港星輝》 "Hong Kong Glory" 

Arrangement by Winnie Wong/黃凱筠改編

Performance by China's Spirit Music Ensemble and Gary Schwantes (Saxophone)

華韻樂團與Gary Schwantes演奏

Bring back the memories of Hong Kong 60s-80s with the medley Hong Kong Glory" consisting of 3 popular Hong Kong popular made popular by Paula Tsui (80s), Samuel Hui (70s) and Chen Qi Song (60)!"Hong Kong Glory" 『香港星輝』有徐小鳳 《順流逆流》,許冠傑 《天才白痴夢》和 陳齊頌《情花開》流行歌曲

2011 SF Autumn Moon Festival

《月亮代表我的心》 Moon Represents My Heart

- Arrg. by Winnie Wong

《豐收之歌》Song of Harvest


華韻樂團 2010 第八週年音樂會

《歡樂的新疆》Joyous Xinjiang

華韻樂團絲組合(古箏) 和 Reylon Yount(揚琴)

CSME Silk Ensemble (guzheng) and Reylon Yount (yangqin)

《邊寨之歌》 Song of the Frontier Fort

Performed by CSME and Ms. Winnie Wong


《豐收鑼鼓》 Drums and Gongs of Harvest

Performed by 2010 student soloist, Elizabeth Louie 

11yrs old, training since 2005

雷君怡, 十一歲, 2005開始學習古箏