Winnie Wong
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China's Spirit Music Ensemble (CSME) is a guzheng ensemble (Chinese zither) founded in 2003 by guzheng soloist Winnie Wong. Ms. Wong began her training in 1982 and from there on, developed a deep unconditional bond between the guzheng its cultural. From the start, she was surrounded and nurtured through the world of solo, ensemble and orchestral music. Being from a Chinese immigrant family, guzheng allowed her to stay connected to her roots, but more importantly, share with the community the beauty of diversity. Ms. Wong’s aspirations are to share and promote cultural experiences through performing arts, giving back to the community and sharing with the world her love and passion for music.


CSME’s mission is to share with their students and with their audiences culture and tradition through guzheng and to provide a musical outlet for all generations through classical, folk and contemporary masterpieces of China as well as other parts the World.  Often times, their music allows them and their listeners to learn about Chinese folk and classical music through modern arrangements.   To achieve their goals, ensemble members of all ages train extensively year round on finger techniques, artistic expression and understanding the story behind each piece of music.  For the younger generations (and the young at heart), music and performing develops their self-discipline, confidence, patience, persistence and consideration for others through teamwork.  We strive to help each student in being well-rounded and successful individuals.


CSME's hard work has earned them recognition and accolades in the world of performing arts.  Their performance and discipline on and off stage has earned them a respected place in the public’s heart. Their members span a diverse range in age, culture and experience. Through the training of Ms. Winnie Wong, they are united through their passion for beautiful music.