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Winnie Wong
To book our ensemble or
for guzheng lessons:
(415) 515-5797

China's Spirit Music Ensemble (CSME) is a guzheng ensemble (Chinese zither) founded in 2003 by guzheng artist and instructor, Winnie Wong. Ms. Wong’s vision for CSME was an all inclusive vision. CSME is a community for learning and sharing.  They aspire to share and promote cultural experiences through the world of guzheng, giving back to the community and sharing their music and stories of different cultures to audiences of all walks of life regardless of cultural background.


Under the tutelage of Ms. Winnie Wong, students of CSME have become a close community of guzheng enthusiasts and performers also excited for a musical outlet for all their generations.  Their training and performance includes classical, folk and contemporary masterpieces of China as well as other parts of the World.  Their performances allow the students and their audiences to learn about China’s culture, legends and folklores.   To achieve their goals, ensemble members of all ages train extensively year round on finger techniques, artistic expression and understanding the story behind each piece of music.  For the younger generations (and the young at heart), music and performing develops their poise, self-discipline, confidence, patience, persistence and consideration for others through teamwork.  We strive to help each student and for students to encourage each other in being well-rounded and successful individuals. 


China Spirit Music Ensemble’s hard work and musicianship has earned them recognition and accolades in the world of performing arts.  Their performance and discipline on and off the stage has earned them a respected place in the public’s heart. Their members span a diverse range in age, culture and experience. Through the training of Ms. Winnie Wong, they are united through passion for beautiful music.


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