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Asides from being devoted in sharing the world of guzheng folk, traditional and modern arrangements (including her own), Winnie Wong loves exploring, collaborating and remains very involved in the musical community and the world of performing arts. Learn about the different organizations that she is passionate about and would love for you to get to know! 

Ultra World X-tet (UWXT)

The members of the Ultra World X-tet are each coming their difference in expertise are extremely seasoned in their own individuals genres, together they passionately bring to the audiences  endless new creations combining the beautiful music of China with jazz, blues and new forms to keep you on your toes suspensfully waiting to see where they will take you next on their music of cultural fusion through music. 

The band and their instruments:

Gary Schwantes - saxophone/bamboo flutes

Winnie Wong - guzheng

Yangqin Zhao - hammered dulcimer

Doug Ebert - bass

Surya Prakasha - drums, percussion, harmonium


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Listen for Life (LFL)

Listen for Life (LfL) is a global organization created for the preservation and advancement of musical culture by serving the needs of music, musicians and music listeners in every region of the world. Through a variety of outreach, education and media projects, LfL aims to create an international family of music listeners, in community with those who compose, teach, and perform all of the wonderfully diverse musical styles that can be heard on the planet.

Website :

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LFL's Bay Area's

MUSIC of THE WORLD Concert Series

at Garden Gate in Berkeley, CA

​Event Schedule [click here]

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